EOS Graduates

EOS Class 1

Dennis & Kathie Bailey
Mary Bray
Kleanthe & Mike Caruso
Mike & Kari DeLier
Jan & Steve Hurst
Mark & Claudia Keen
Gregg & Jackie Lassen

EOS Class 2

Steve & Merrilee Braley
Doug & Vicki Clark
Paul & Beth Fisher
Charles & Judy Hill
Jerre & Beverly Iverson
Kyle & Jana Penney
John Sykes

EOS Class 3

Price Arredondo
Susan Guthrie
Mike & Donna Metke
John & Susan Robbins
Stephen Taylor
Steve & Tricia Wiggs

EOS Class 4

Mac & Martha Griffith
Dr. Dwight & Angela Fennell
Troy & Teresa Kriechbaum
Jeffery & Sarah Szymanski
Darrell & Becky Sheridan

EOS Class 5

Chad & Dana Cargile
David & Silvia Luckenbach
Mike McClean
Johnny & Sequoyah Moore
Jim Stetson & Diane Krause-Stetson
Scott Wall

EOS Class 6

Randall & Kristen Brown
Dr. Harold & Susan Doty
Claude & Julie Henry
Tony & Jeanette Pytlak
Bill Tandy
Bruce & Shirley Thomson

EOS Class 7

Mike Coogan
Jason Davis II
Pamela Davis
Dr. Julie & Tim Felt
Dr. Randall Powell

EOS Class 8

Dr. Lane Bruner
Rev. Alicia Coltzer
Dr. Stephen Gale
Kimberly Lewis
Shad Madsen
Dr. Juan & Meela Mejia

EOS Class 9

Edward & Sammi Broussard
Dr. Marty Crawford
Michelle Cutler
Perry & Loretta Henderson
Tom & Marilyn Middleton

EOS Class 10

Greg & Mary Jean
Cindy Scott-Lunau & Kevin Lunau
Jason & Stephanie Sobel
Valerie McCormick

EOS Class 11

Michael & Florinda Adams
Cody & Candace Boyd
Mike & Debra Cobb
David L. Coble
Ward L. Huey III
Chris & Christy Miller
Dr. Amir Mirmiran
Carolyn Roy

2018 EOS Class

Moody Chisholm
Brad Frans
Dr. Bryan and Jennifer Renfro
Lucas and Cherissa Roebuck
Rawly and Christina Sanchez
Brian and Courtney Selph
Scott and Becky Taylor
Shelly Welch

2019 EOS Class

Stan & Lauri Anderson
Orrie Covert
Timothy & Dr. Angelique Goedeke
Keith N. & Mary Lewis
Dr. Deana Sheppard & Drew Sheppard

2021 EOS Class

Anthony & Valerie Brooks
Dr. Melissa Cloonan & Phillip Smith
Kristen Harris
Mary & Ronald LaFrancois
Beth & J.R. Maddox
Scott Martinez & Christy Johnston
Stephanie & Jess Mowery
Alicia & Kevin Vest

2022 EOS Class

Glen Christensen
Wendy & Jeff Harris
Cameron Miller
Natalie & Jeffery Noblitt
Dr. Terry Peterman
Jennifer and Michael Sieber
Dr. Archie Tucker & Veronica Tucker
Dr. Brigham Willis & Lissett Willis

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